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For Experiencers

The information on this page is aimed at experiencers. This includes anyone who has experienced unusual experiencers that has caused them concern or distress. However, health care professionals and carers may also find this information useful.


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You are not alone! Many people have these kinds of experiences. They just don't talk about them because they are afraid that they are going mad or that others will think they are mad.


These experiences are part of a natural process of growth, they are not symptoms of a disease.


Talk about your experiences - with the right people, when the time feels right to you.


Stay grounded - find out what practises, attitudes, and behaviours work for you.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and need urgent support - get help now.

Spirituality in Mental Health Care

Spirituality in Mental Health Care

Mental Health Orgs


Finding a Therapist

Spiritual crisis as a sub-cultural competency.

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